Making ViVa OS USB

Generally the iso to usb is written mainly by two softwares one is Balena Etcher and another is Rufus Windows Based 
So we are sharing the two different Downloadable ISO 
1. ISO for Balena Etcher
2. ISO for Rufus
Please follow the video after downloading the Softwares and the Respective ISO for the software 

Steps for Balena Etcher:

For Viva OS or Linux based OS
Please go to the folder in which the software Balena Etcher was downloaded make it executable by right clicking and opening it in terminal and enter the following commands 
sudo -s 
"Enter the password"
chmod a+x balenaEtcher-1.14.3-x64.AppImage 
Balena Etcher will be started select the ISO and the USB you wish to write it too remember it will be formatted The Video Post downloads and the above step can be seen here

Steps for Rufus
Please download Rufus (Its only for Windows) Please select the ISO and the USB and burn the Same

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