Well every OS needs applications to be installed., Like we said earlier we wanted to remove the pain so we had these pre-installed for you.

OS Kernel:
Thanks to Debian 10 (Buster) Stable - Help

Desktop Interface:
  1. Plasma Interface
  2. Nautilus File Manager
  1. Calculator (Scientific one)
  2. Disks to re-partition, increase the size,  create partitions etc - Help
  3. Text Editor
  1. GIMP Alternative to PhotoShop
  2. Eye of Gnome
  1. Google Chrome well we dont want you too login again and again
  2. FileZilla FTP Client
  3. Remmina Remote Desktop Client
  4. Zoom - Meeting App
  5. All-In-One-Messenger - App for WhatsApp wechat etc.
  1. ThunderBird Email Client
  2. WPS Office - Dont worry WPS Content Delivery Network is blocked plus no Ads - Help
  3. Calendar
Sound & Video:
  1. VLC Media Player
  1. Disk Usage Analyzer
  2. Calibrate Touchscreen (Well its DriverLess)
  3. Printer Settings just unlock with your password select and it gets auto installed.
  4. PDF Printer inside Printer Settings
(Need not worry the firewall is activated as this is ViVa and not Ubuntu).

Dont be disheartened we are updating you other  software's here with the link :). Just right click and open with software install :).
Well if you do intend to run Virtualization like Qemu or KVM please remember you need to remove the secure shared ram feature by editing the /etc/fstab and commenting the # on the last line.

Emergency Contact:
Varun Ramsisaria:

Please do explore the Preferences column to change your password or play around with the firewall.

Additional Downloads:
  1. Discord.
  2. Atom - Developer Tool -for text editing
  3. Dot Net Core and SDK - Developer Tool for Dot Net
  4. Android Studio - Developer tool for Android Software Development

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