A Driverless OS, Haven't we all faced the pain of installing drivers whenever we install an OS, Sometimes Graphics sometimes audio and sometimes Wi-Fi. Whereas we never faced such issues when we reformat our Mobile Phones. Didnt we wish our laptops were like Mobiles. So here we are ViVa OS a Driverless OS.

Ok Ok why ViVa OS, my laptop already has all the drivers installed., hmmm is it child safe?
We follow strict norms having forced google safe search and also protecting your from infectious virus no no not CoVID but computer viruses, Ransomware and Malwares from being downloaded.
The Anti-Virus is pre-configured to function on the background, making life easier.

Ok Still why ViVa OS am an adult., Well is your laptop safe from attacks ? well there this OS has followed all the policies and has pre-configured security systems to avoid you from not just simple but even complexed attacks. A German website to actually show how in-secured a computer infrastructure could be.  Well we dont face such issues here

Well still why ViVa-OS am using my companies based laptop with Security and Safety. Well we can still outbeat that as our OS will not eat more than 2Gb Ram (Needing 4GB) and is very smooth even on an N4000 Celeron 1.1Ghz *2., We looked and tried hard to find any laptop lower than that configuration sadly we didnt find any... we went to the extend of testing it on Laptop Models of 2009, even they couldn't complain of performance issues after having our OS running on them...

We are still finding out reasons for not using ViVa OS., Luckily let us know when you stumble across one,

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